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Network Marketing: The Perfect Avenue for Personal Development in 2018
- January 04 2018 -

As humans, we have a built-in need to continue to learn, grow, and develop to reach our full potential in this life. Personal development is a continuous process and important part of a person's success, happiness, and health. It reaches down to one's core and acts as a foundation for well-being.

You may not realize it, but many of your actions are geared toward self-improvement. Let’s look at New Years resolutions as an example. Here we are in the very first week of 2018. As 2017 came to a close, you probably took some time to think about what you hope to accomplish in 2018. You set resolutions for the new year that if accomplished are sure to improve your quality of life and ultimately make you a better person.

These resolutions may be disguised in the form of “stuff” or “things,” but to get those “things,” you must grow as a person. While we typically think the “thing” will make us happy, it is the pursuit of personal growth that is truly fulfilling.

With such a deep desire for improvement, it is important that we surround ourselves with the right people who will cheer us on along the way and mentor us when we need it. While there is much more to Network Marketing, personal growth and development are at the core of this business model, and a key factor to the level of success one achieves in this industry.

Think of your career today. Does your supervisor recommend books you can read to improve your skills? Does he/she encourage you to go to training events? Is he or she constantly looking for ways to get you to the next level of your career or an increase in pay? Chances are, that doesn't happen.

In Network Marketing a large part of the path to success is through personal development. It takes identifying your weaknesses and taking the action steps to improve upon them. It is an industry that will continue to challenge you and push you to reach your true potential no matter where you are in your career.

This development doesn't happen on its own. When you join a Network Marketing company like New Earth, you will be surrounded by like-minded people who share that burning desire to improve and succeed. You will have a mentor who coaches you, cheers you on and continues to stretch you to reach your potential. Most importantly, you will be surrounded by a team that is here to help you every step of the way.

If you are looking to grow and better yourself in 2018, we are ready to help you. Give the New Earth opportunity a try!

Superfood or Super Fake
- December 21 2017 -

Superfood, we have all heard the term and could probably name a few of them. But how many of us could explain what superfoods are or what characterizes a food as a superfood? According to the American Heart Association there are no set of criteria for identifying what is and isn't a superfood. Now we are talking about a very common term that isn't a food group and doesn't have set parameters. So what exactly is a superfood?

Simply put, superfoods are foods found in nature that are typically low in calories, high in nutrients, and good for one's health. They tend to be an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential nutrients-nutrients the body can’t produce on its own. Incorporating these types of foods in our diets can help us live a healthier, longer life.

The truth is, not all foods labeled as superfoods are equal. The lack of set parameters and characteristics has new “superfoods” popping up left and right. All it takes is one celebrity to tweet about their favorite food and boom, a new “superfood” that cures everything under the sun is born.

It takes looking past the hype and marketing claims and into the science behind the product to make an educated decision on which superfoods you should be putting in your body. As you continue your health journey and carefully select your superfoods look for the following characteristics:

  • Found in Nature: Superfoods are not made in a lab. In fact, our bodies are not meant to process lab made “foods.” Be sure your superfood can be found in nature.
  • Natural Regeneration: Can your superfood grow on its own or does it require input from humans? Look for a superfood like wild microalgae or AFA (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae). This microalgae thrives in Klamath Lake and grows from late Spring/early Summer into the cooler months of Fall without any human intervention.
  • Nutrient Dense: Look for a food with a variety of nutrients. We are talking about vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytopigments, antioxidants, and fatty acids. For example, AFA contains three key phytopigments, over 60 trace minerals, 20 amino acids, trace levels of over 12 vitamins, a variety of antioxidants, and Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Scientific Evidence: Look for the scientific evidence. Make sure the company you purchase from can back up their claims. Don't be afraid to seek third-party validation or email the company for additional scientific information.

Looking for a green superfood that fits the criteria above? Try New Earth’s organic Wild Microalgae® risk-free with our 90-day guarantee.

Millennials and Network Marketing-The Perfect Fit
- December 07 2017 -

Millennials, there are more than 83 million of us. We were born during a time of major technological and economical changes. We understand that there is more to life than a “9-5” job, something a lot of these older generations don't seem to grasp. So what is our solution? It’s called the “YouEconomy, ” and it's changing the way we work.

The YouEconomy is the perfect fit for people who are ready to take control of their own lives, seek more free time, long for financial freedom, and don't mind a side hustle or part-time gig to get there. It’s about people earning as independent associates, contractors, and freelancers.

It’s taking advantage of a new way of working where you have a say in the way you build your business, earn your money, and create your future. It’s about true freedom and unlimited potential. And it just so happens a tried and trued business model fits perfectly into the YouEconomy—Network Marketing.

So what is it you seek in a career and life? How does the following sound to you?

  • A flexible work schedule
  • The opportunity to be your own boss
  • A team to collaborate with
  • An avenue to truly make a difference through your work
  • A career that focuses on personal development
  • The opportunity to build true wealth
  • A leader and mentor to help you develop your skills

Chances are, it sounds like a dream come true. We are smart, tech-savvy individuals who are ready to change the world through our work. We value guidance but don't need a boss telling us what to do. We seek freedom and the opportunity to truly experience life. The Network Marketing business model allows that and much more.

Take the above and mix it with the highest quality, wildcrafted, organic products that are rooted in health and wellness and you will find the New Earth Opportunity. An opportunity designed for those who want to live life on their own terms. We invite you to explore New Earth to see if our values align with yours.

The AFA Rainbow
- November 22 2017 -

We have all heard the saying “eat the rainbow” when it comes to consuming fruits and vegetables. Consuming different colors of foods (fruits and vegetables) plays an important role in ensuring you are getting a wide variety of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in your diet. New Earth’s organic Wild Microalgae® could be called “the rainbow food.” It offers nourishment from a spectrum of vital, colorful pigments, each of which offers special antioxidant benefits. Here are just a few:

Beta-Carotene (Orange) Beta-Carotene is a carotenoid, a naturally occurring orange pigment found in plants. This pigment is converted to vitamin A in the body, an antioxidant that supports our vision, lungs and immune system. Beta-Carotene is a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect the body from harmful free radicals.

Chlorophyll (Green) Chlorophyll is a green pigment found in plants. It facilitates the absorption of sunlight in plants and is vital for photosynthesis, the process in which plants get their energy from light. This wonderful pigment has beneficial antioxidant properties. It supports cellular cleansing and renews red blood cells.

Phycocyanin (Blue) Phycocyanin is a light harvesting pigment that assists with photosynthesis. It assists chlorophyll especially when light is limited. It is known for its exceptional antioxidant effects and helps to support healthy liver and kidneys.

New Earth’s Body is composed of one ingredient, organic Wild Microalgae, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). This one ingredient contains all of these beautiful light pigments, a wide spectrum of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. It is truly one of the most powerful superfoods that nature provides us.

Try Body today risk-free, with our 90-day money back guarantee.

Digestive Enzymes and Overeating
- November 09 2017 -

When you think of Thanksgiving what comes to mind? Chances are, if you are like many Americans, you instantly picture a table filled with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and all the other foods that come with the holiday. With a feast like that, you will likely end up overeating. With the help of your body’s digestive enzymes, your body will be able to process all of that food but not as efficiently as you would hope.

Digestive enzymes are enzymes that help break food down so it can be absorbed and utilized by the body. The digestive enzymes that are produced by the human body take time to digest food. During a time like Thanksgiving, a person can easily overwhelm the limited quantity of digestive enzymes that the body produces which slows the digestive process leaving food in the stomach longer than normal. This is why you feel discomfort and typically have a little gut ache after eating too much turkey and stuffing.

There are many different suggested remedies to overeating including drinking lemon water, taking a walk, or simply not overeating. One of the most efficient ways to deal with overeating is to use an enzyme supplement. New Earth enzymes can help alleviate the discomfort of an overfull stomach because they contain enzymes that help digest just about any food consumed during the Thanksgiving meal—or any meal where one has overindulged.

The secret is in the science behind our unique formulas. New Earth offers two enzyme formulas that can help with holiday-associated overeating: our Enzyme formula and our Enzyme Plus formula.

Both enzyme formulas contain enzymes that target digestion of most food categories: sugars and carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and plant/vegetable material. All enzymes in our formulas are plant-based, and each enzyme breaks down a particular type of food. Enzymes such as protease break down proteins, lipase breaks down fats (lipids), amylase breaks down sugars/carbohydrates, and phytase breaks down plant fibers, to name a few.

Enzymes Plus contains 12 different enzymes, Wild Organic Microalgae®, fennel, ginger, and cayenne pepper to further aid digestion. For those who are sensitive to any of these last three ingredients, the regular Enzymes formula is likely the best option.

The regular Enzymes formula contains 15 different enzymes, plus the Wild Microalgae. While both enzyme formulas contain several of the same enzymes, each formula is different.

At the end of the day, whether you plan to overeat or not, it's a good idea to stock up on some enzymes before the holiday. Order yours today

Opportunity for All
- October 26 2017 -

Network Marketing, it's one of the only industries where you can truly find people from all walks of life where your background and resume don't matter. You could survey a handful of industry leaders and find that one graduated from college while another went to the school of hard knocks. The beautiful thing about this industry is anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort can find success.

So how is it that an entire industry can welcome people from all walks of life and provide them with the same opportunity? The answer is simple; this industry is about equal opportunity. It's about providing a vehicle for people to create their own success. It is an industry that is the core of any economy, entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship, this word likely stirs up one of two emotions, or a combination of both: excitement and fear. With Network Marketing we are not talking about starting from scratch and the headaches and stress that comes with it. We are talking about an established business plan accompanied by the tools and support required for one to be successful.

You see, when you decide to take advantage of the New Earth business opportunity, you are provided with a team and tools to help you along the way allowing you to focus on what’s important, growing your business and success.

“Grow,” its one of our three pillars and at the core of what we do and believe. Our business plan is an engine for financial growth. It's not just about having more money; it's about having more life. We want you to grow as a person. To build your future and have fun doing it.

If you've been looking for a way to be part of a community of innovators, to have a powerful impact on the world around you and create financial freedom while doing it, we have two words for you: Welcome home.

We care about your success and are here to support you every step of the way. Learn more about the New Earth business opportunity here.

From Crater Lake to Klamath Lake
- October 12 2017 -

From CRATER LAKE To KLAMATH LAKE from New Earth on Vimeo.

We have all heard of superfoods and their health-giving benefits. We know and understand that it is good to nurture our bodies with these foods for many different reasons. Have you ever wondered where these foods come from?

At New Earth, we have been harvesting a superfood that has been giving the gift of health and wellness to hundreds for thousands of years, Wild Microalgae®. In fact, this Wild Microalgae, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, or “AFA,” grows in large enough quantities to be harvested in only one place in the world, Klamath Lake in Southern Oregon. To get a better understanding of why Wild Microalgae thrives so perfectly in this particular part of Southern Oregon, let’s take a closer look at the ecosystem that is the home of Earth’s First Food.

Read on and watch it!

In the Cascade mountain range and at 4,140 feet above sea level, with clear air, and almost 300 days of sunshine per year, Klamath County abounds in lakes and marshes that host a vast array of plants and animals. This drainage of 3,810 square miles consisting of valleys and basins separated by hills and mountains was made even more rich and fertile by an enormous volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. The eruption of Mt. Mazama gave birth to what’s now known as Crater Lake. The area was established as a national park in 1902.

Crater Lake is one of over 450 volcanoes that make up the ring of fire surrounding the Pacific Ocean and circling half of our planet. The creation of Crater Lake made an already fertile landscape rich with flora and fauna even more productive. Over 12 cubic miles of magma were hurled over the region and as far away as Alberta, Canada, Nevada, and Wyoming.

The vicinity around Crater Lake now makes up some of the most fertile soil and animal habitat on the planet providing an abundance of life unique to the Klamath Basin. Klamath County is the home of world-class birding, fishing, and outdoor recreation. Visitors travel from all over the world to enjoy the wonders of our region. From the Pine Marten to the majestic Rocky Mountain elk. From the white pelican to the redband trout—Upper Klamath Lake and its watershed are home to countless creatures great and small.

And in this pristine watershed that flows at an average of over 2,000 cubic feet per second year round, grows an abundance of Aphanizomenon flos-aquae unseen anywhere else on earth.

We are the stewards of this rare lifegiving food. And New Earth is proud to define the standards of excellence in handling this delicate treasure. The Wild Microalgae itself— and the people who benefit from it—deserve no less than absolute excellence.

Peace of Mind
- September 21 2017 -

If you are like many health-conscious shoppers, you likely read the labels of products before making an educated purchase. But what about when you buy supplements? Chances are your head hurts by the time you finish trying to decipher the words on supplement labels. So how can you be sure these products contain the ingredients you want without fillers? How do you know you can trust what a company is saying? How do you know that company has your best interest in mind? You can look for some key accreditations, with one of the most important being registered by NSF International to the FDA’s GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices).

“Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are guidelines that provide a system of processes, procedures, and documentation to assure a product has the identity, strength, composition, quality, and purity that appear on its label. These GMP requirements are listed in Section 8 of NSF/ANSI 173 which is the only American National Standard in the dietary supplement industry developed in accordance with the FDA’s 21 CFR part 111.” NSF

The NSF registration lets you know that the company complies with NSF standards and procedures. Being NSF registered for GMP is not a one-time event. Companies must submit their manufacturing facility to unannounced NSF inspections where every stage of a product's development is thoroughly evaluated.

So what does this mean for you, the consumer?

It means companies like New Earth, that hold this registration are dedicated to the integrity of their products and your safety.

New Earth has built on a foundation of absolute excellence by providing nature's perfect foods. One way we've done this is by creating and maintaining a manufacturing facility that exceeds the highest standards in our industry.

We maintain our own manufacturing facilities registered by NSF International to FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and GMP for SportTM. Our ingredients are thoroughly tested and verified 100% pure. Every product contains exactly what it says on the label. All are crafted with care and precision from premium quality whole natural foods. And every product comes with our satisfaction guarantee.

At New Earth it's not enough to make great products, we’re here to make products that change people's lives. See for yourself, risk-free

Brain Boosting Benefits of BioAgile
- September 07 2017 -

It’s no secret that the brain is a miraculous and complex organ. Your brain has a big role to play in your daily operations. Simply put, it is responsible for sending and receiving the information that is vital to your body’s overall functions. The brain is resilient and strong, but did you know that seemingly minor things can make a huge impact on your overall cognitive function? Missing sleep, stress, and lack of exercise can play a major role in the way that your brain operates.

BioAgile may help you on your path to mental clarity*. This 2.5 oz liquid shot is all natural and features Sustamine®, Wild Microalgae®, and Cognizin®. Let’s look at the science behind these ingredients and their brain boosting benefits.

Cognizin® is a patented, branded form of Citicoline, a natural nutrient found in every cell of the body and especially vital to brain health. It helps to maintain focus and concentration and supports healthy memory function. How exactly does it do this? Citicoline increases the amount of a brain chemical called phosphatidylcholine (PC) which is important for brain function. The synthesis of acetylcholine (a neurotransmitter) is largely dependant on the choline provided by phosphatidylcholine. With the help of PC normal levels of acetylcholine are maintained thus supporting cognitive and memory function.*

Sustamine® is a dipeptide (a bonded chain of two amino acids) composed of L-Glutamine and L-Alanine. It is highly bio-available and quickly absorbed. Clinical studies have shown Sustamine to support hydration, recovery, cognitive function and athletic performance. One study was performed on elite women basketball players. The players who consumed sustamine demonstrated an increase in both shooting accuracy and visual reaction time compared to those consuming water only. In the game of basketball shooting accuracy is largely based ones ability to concentrate. A player can have perfect form and fundamentals, but without concentration, their field goal percentage will decrease.

Wild Microalgae® also known as Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) is a near perfect food containing all 20 amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, phenylethylamine (PEA), and antioxidant pigments phycocyanin and chlorophyll. In addition, AFA contains an ideal balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, complex sugars, and fiber.

The essential amino acids found in AFA provide nourishment to the brain and every system in the body. Amino acids are the building blocks of life. The 20 different amino acids found in AFA arrange themselves in a variety of patterns to form various proteins. These proteins are crucial to all cell function in the body.

Both Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are found in AFA. Omega-3 fatty acid is the healthy fat. With our food system today and eating habits most people are not consuming enough of this type of fatty acid. Omega-3 is an essential nutrient for the brain and nervous system; studies suggest Omega-3’s benefit mood and depression.

Phenylethylamine (PEA), known as the feel good chemical regulates neurons and transmits signals between neurons in the central nervous system. It is known enhance mood, focus and reduce stress.

As you can see this trio of ingredients covers almost all bases when it comes to mental function and clarity. Working synergistically, these ingredients help boost cognitive function, memory function, mental clarity, athletic performance, concentration, and mood. What more could you ask for in one 2.5 oz liquid shot?

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

What’s Your Retirement Plan?
- August 16 2017 -
What’s Your Retirement Plan?

The two most vulnerable years of our lives are the year we are born, and the year we retire. The reasons during the year we are born are quite obvious but why the year we retire? We spend a majority of our lives going to school or working. During those years we typically identify with what we are doing and have at least somewhat of a purpose. Many lose their identity and sense of purpose on the day they retire.

Have you ever really thought about what you will do on a day to day basis when you retire? What will keep you going, motivated, and excited about life? What will help you with your identity and sense of purpose?

Here is an idea for you, network marketing

Network marketing can play an important role in your transition from working full time to retirement in more ways than one.

When we think of retirement, we typically focus on the financial aspects. We know that the cost of living continues to rise, people are working well into their 70s, and many are still trying to recover from the latest recession. Yes, it's quite obvious that network marketing can and does help many with the financial aspects of retirement. However, most overlook the crucial connection between network marketing and well-being.

You see, retirement is not just about money and having enough of it, it’s about enjoying the pleasures of life. Too many of us forfeit our lives for money. We sacrifice relationships, miss out on family events, and lose connections with friends and loved ones all in hopes of recouping that when we retire. As a result, when it's time to retire we are left with essentially nothing but a big pile of money.

Yes, this example may be extreme. However, the point here is retirement creates many gaps in one's well-being.

Network marketing is a platform that helps provide purpose, continued self-development, identity, and a network of like-minded people that treat each other like family. True network marketers are constantly reading self-development books, attending events, sharing their inspiration, chasing goals, and encouraging others. They are selling products they use or consume and can stand behind.

We are looking at a business model that allows you to work as little or as much as you want, introduces you to people all over the world, focuses on connecting and relationships, provides just enough but not too much structure, and hosts an environment for personal growth. All things that many retirees miss in their life.

So what is your retirement plan? It might be time to give network marketing a try.

Learn more about the New Earth opportunity here.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
- August 01 2017 -
Satisfaction Guaranteed

A company's strength rests on the value of its products. At New Earth, there is only one acceptable standard: Absolute Excellence.

We believe so strongly in our products and their quality that we offer a 90 day money back guarantee. We know that investing in your health should yield returns. If our customers don't notice better health with our products we want to give their money back, its that simple.

Our products have proven so effective that less than 1 percent of orders are returned. If you look at the flip side, we have over a 99 percent satisfaction rate. We are talking about a company that has been in business, providing whole food supplements to customers all over the world for years. We have the quality, integrity and efficacy of our products to thank for that.

We've taken the time to make our products Certified Kosher, Certified Halal, USDA-certified organic, NSF GMP-registered, and GMP for SportsTM-registered. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is the gold standard of the food industry. Every product contains exactly what it says it does on the label.

When it comes to our ingredients it’s not about trends or what sounds cool. It’s much more that that. It’s science and studies at its finest. It's a team of professionals dedicated to studying, researching, testing and formulating. Our ingredients are thoroughly tested and verified 100% pure. All are crafted with care and precision from premium quality whole natural foods. And every product comes with our satisfaction guarantee.

This is excellence you can count on.

So what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Go ahead, see what these amazing products can do for you.

What is Network Marketing
- July 25 2017 -
Network Marketing

What do you think of when you hear “network marketing” or “MLM.” Do you think of opportunity, hard work, and great rewards? Or do you think of pushy salespeople or pyramid scheme? Your answer will likely lie in your experiences and what you have heard from other people you trust.

If your answer is the latter, one thing you must know is that MLMs are not pyramid schemes. In fact, pyramid schemes are illegal. According to BBB, “Pyramid schemes concentrate mainly on making quick profits earned by selling the right to recruit others. Pyramid schemes focus more on recruiting other participants than selling the product or service, making little to no mention about the market for the item.” Legitimate MLMs, like New Earth, do not do this.

The network marketing or MLM business model is a beautiful thing. Very different from pyramid schemes, network marketing is a method of retailing in which products are sold by independent distributors, also known as independent associates. These independent distributors have the ability to build their own business and earn commissions on their personal sales along with their team’s sales by recruiting, training and supporting others along the way. You see, there is no way to achieve great success in network marketing without helping others achieve success

This turnkey business model is available to anyone who wishes to take advantage of the opportunity. There are no “job” requirements or college degrees required. Anyone can join, and anyone can be successful with hard work, belief, and dedication.

Over and over again MLMs are proving to be the future way to business, offering an alternative to the corporate model that many are growing tired of. Offering a number of benefits most could use in their life: personal development and growth, flexibility, freedom, meaningful relationships, fun and financial opportunity, you can see why many are turning to the network marketing business model.

Interested in giving it a try? Learn more about the New Earth Opportunity.

Upper Klamath Lake: A Geological Legacy
- July 05 2017 -
UKL Geological legacy

Upper Klamath Lake is the only place on earth where Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) grows abundant enough to harvest. The wild proliferation of this amazing, nutrient-rich superfood, can only be attributed to the area’s unique climate and geological history, and the lake’s expansive surface area and shallow depth.

If not for the formation of Crater Lake more than 7000 years ago–the volcanic eruption of 12,000-foot-tall Mt. Mazama which left the entire Klamath Basin blanketed in tons of pyroclastic nutrients–the massive annual blooms of AFA may not have been possible. Without the 500 inches of snow that fall each year at Crater Lake and the nearly 300 days of sunshine gracing the high desert of South-central Oregon annually, a scenario by which this natural bounty of algae has flourished may have never occurred.

Crater Lake, Oregon’s only National Park, is a huge draw for Klamath County. While people are in the area visiting the park–to the tune of 500,000 a year–they take time out to visit some of the other destinations Klamath Basin has to offer.

Discovered and rediscovered by accident in the mid-1800s after several groups of hunters, explorers, and prospectors wandered upon the lake, Crater Lake’s history amongst indigenous groups goes back thousands of years.

Ancient tools of Native Americans have been discovered under the volcanic ash from Mt. Mazama’s eruption and elders of the Klamath, Modoc and Yahooskin tribes still pass down stories of the geologic event which literally and figuratively helped shape the land and the history of this area of Oregon.

If you’re interested in visiting the Klamath Basin and learning more about the incredible ecosystem in southern Oregon register for New Earth University, Klamath Falls. Find out more about our next event at

An Event You Don't Want To Miss!
- June 14 2017 -

Have you registered for New Earth University yet? This summer, we invite you to join us in southern Oregon to celebrate our annual harvest of Wild Microalgae.

NEU will be hosted August 11-13 in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and will include training sessions that will provide you with real techniques to meet your business goals with New Earth. Attendees will hear from key leaders in the field and experts in the industry as they share next steps for maximum growth with your home based business. Speakers will also share the many benefits of using our products and the research and science that have guided New Earth.

Over the weekend we’ll also host the Executive Round Table Lunch, an exclusive Q&A hosted by New Earth executive leaders CEO Bilal Ruknuddeen, President Jerry Anderson, and Vice President Kevin Larson. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask anything and have their questions answered on the spot. The chance to have your questions answered directly by corporate leaders doesn’t come very often, and NEU attendees are highly encouraged to take part in this exclusive opportunity.

On Sunday, we’ll take an Eco Tour of the Klamath Basin to share some of the most beautiful spots with our guests. This tour is a breathtaking opportunity for Associates and Customers alike to see the many places that have allowed Wild Microalgae to thrive in Upper Klamath Lake. We’ll also share a tour of the New Earth facilities so that attendees can see that processes that make our one-of-a-kind products possible.

Registration is filling up fast and will end soon, to reserve your seat, please visit, we can’t wait to see you there.

- May 12 2017 -
Promoting and Protecting

What's the deal with processed foods anyway? We know that they are bad and that we should avoid them, but why exactly?

Frankly put, because they lack nutritional value. To extend the shelf life of food a combination of salt, artificial sugars, and sweeteners, and various chemicals are added to many of the items on a grocery store shelf. These ingredients hinder the nutritional value of our food considerably and become far more harmful than helpful. Countless studies have shown that these manufactured ingredients lead to disease and discomfort—so what's the solution?

Here are three tips to help you avoid processed foods and eat better:

  1. Read the label to see what is in your food.
  2. Avoid food that comes in packages; they are often heavily processed to extend shelf life.
  3. Shop local—buy your produce from local farmers and pick up items from your local bakery when you can, this is an excellent way to ensure that you are eating fresh.

Promoting and Protecting the New Earth Brand—It Takes a Village
- April 25 2017 -
Promoting and Protecting

It’s our collective duty to promote New Earth in a way that protects our brand’s integrity and protects our business opportunity for all.

The overarching consideration is this—we want to attract people to New Earth by inviting them to experience the positive effects that our nutritionals can have on their body and health; we do not claim to cure or mitigate any medical conditions or disease states.

Why do we care?

Well, first things first. We chose the Direct Sales model because we believe in person to person contact and the deeper connectivity it creates with our customers because we feel that this is our best opportunity to change people’s lives for the better.

We care because we value honesty—we don’t need to hype our products, they really are that good! New Earth’s nutritional products will do the talking when people try them. We care because we want to be here well into the future.

We care because the FTC, the FDA, the DSA, and other agencies are paying a lot of attention to companies in our industry. And in many cases rightly so. Companies who offer nothing but hype for their products and opportunity give our industry a bad name, and in many cases have a negative effect on people’s livelihood. These are not New Earth’s values.

We want to promote New Earth in a way that’s befitting of our brand and befitting of our product line. If we hold to these ideals, we can make sure that each person that comes into contact with us has a positive experience no matter their level of engagement.

What you can do:

  • Refer to our materials
  • Listen to your inner voice
  • Do your own research
  • Tell your story in a compliant way that reflects your experience with the effects that powerful nutrition can have in your life.

And be aware of misleading:

  • Disease claims
  • Income claims
  • Drug claims

Brand integrity involves you: We don’t know exactly what our level of nutrition can do for people, but we love finding out! We don’t want to keep people's’ money who don’t find the value in what we have to offer.

By being cognizant of these things, you can ensure that we bring happy and healthy customers and business builders into the New Earth family for generations to come!

NEU is Coming Home
- March 30 2017 -
NEU is Coming Home

This August New Earth University is coming home; our next event is happening where it all began, in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Home to our beloved Upper Klamath Lake, the Klamath Basin is a site for sore eyes. Surrounded by beautiful, often snow-capped, mountains and lush forests it is hard not to feel inspired by the breathtaking environment—the only one, in fact, that allows our miraculous Wild Microalgae to thrive.

This summer we invite you to join us in celebrating all things New Earth. We’ll host a variety of speakers that will share their expertise on the New Earth product, and business, opportunities. We’ll also host a tour of the Klamath Basin and the New Earth production facilities.

We know that this will be our best event yet, we hope that you join us to experience it first hand. To reserve your seat visit

NEU OASIS 2017 Highlights from New Earth on Vimeo.

- March 22 2017 -
National Nutrition Month

It’s National Nutrition Month! This month the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics invites us to focus our attention on making better choices when we eat and develop better habits when it comes to food and physical activity.

The theme for this year is “Put Your Best Fork Forward.” Putting our best fork forward can mean a lot of things: making better choices about what is on our plate, eating with healthier habits, and making sure that each bite counts. As with anything, making small changes can have a significant impact on your health and making informed eating choices adds up over time.

To get started, we invite you to learn how to read a Nutrition Facts Label. Knowing what’s in the food that you eat is an important first step in understanding the impact that your diet has on your overall health.

Heart to Heart
- February 17 2017 -
Heart to Heart

We could all stand to treat ourselves a little better. More specifically, we should aim towards healthier hearts. And the better we treat our hearts—striving towards a balanced diet and proper supplementation—the better off we ultimately are. When you make a daily habit of adding New Earth's Energize to your lifestyle, you're adding CoQ10 to your system as well. That means you're stimulating cellular energy throughout your body. You're also enhancing your physical performance and what your body is able to handle. Essentially, you're giving your heart a boost. And that's a good thing.

Fast facts:

  • A CoQ10 supplement can help increase your antioxidant levels and protect your cells from free radical damage.
  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women.
  • Energize is designed to promote a healthy heart and strong cardiovascular system.

Give your heart a new start.

From the Heart
- February 2 2017 -
From the Heart

This February the American Heart Association invites you to learn about the importance of heart health. Although more than 27 million Americans are diagnosed with heart disease-the leading cause of death in both men, and women--there are actions that you can take to prevent this common ailment:

For more information about more about the importance of heart health by visiting the American Heart Association.

Daring to be Wild With New Earth
- January 17 2017 -
Daring to be Wild With New Earth

Have you heard about Dare to be Wild? If not, let us fill you in.

Dare to be Wild is a platform to build your best life. For 90 days New Earth is asking Wild Ones to cut out processed foods, drink more water, move more, and start (or continue) taking New Earth products.

The premise is simple: we think that these changes will make a positive impact on the people who participate. What if we could spread the gift of good health by simply daring someone to make a few small changes?

Accepting the Dare is easy, join the Dare to be Wild Facebook group and post a video accepting the Dare, then tag other people that you want to join you!

Since launching Dare to be Wild, our group page has flourished into a place of encouragement, and community for those participating in the Dare. Every day Wild Ones are posting updates on their progress with the Dare, and it has been awesome to see the positive ways that this Dare is impacting them.

Did we mention that everyone who participates in the Dare is a winner? After the 90 days are up we ask that you post a video in the Dare to be Wild Facebook group sharing the following:

  • How do you feel now that you're a Wild One?
  • How do think thousands of Wild Ones could change the world?

Once we see your completion video we'll send you a Dare to be Wild t-shirt just for completing the 90 days! Participating in the Dare also means that you are eligible to participate in random giveaways and drawings for prizes (and so far we've given away some great ones, including three fitness bands)!

We are excited to see the positive impact that the dare has on those participating! With that, we Dare you to be wild!

Join the Dare to be Wild Group.
Find out more about the Dare.

New Year, New Resolutions
- January 9 2017 -
New Year, New Resolutions

No matter what your resolutions are, there are things that you can do to maximize your success in making them a reality. Below, we've listed three easy ways that you can do just that!

  1. Share your goals with others-when you share your plans with your family and friends it helps to keep you accountable, which will increase your odds of accomplishing your goals.
  2. Break each goal into smaller pieces-breaking down your goals can make them easier to accomplish.
  3. Don't give up- when it gets hard to keep going remember why you made the goal in the first place. And if you do happen to mess up, remember to keep going-one mistake doesn't mean that you can't still accomplish what you set out to do.

Good luck with your resolutions-here's to your best year yet!

Eating smarter, 24 hours at a time
- May 31, 2016 -
Eating smarter, 24 hours at a time

When we fail to plan, we plan to fail. That oft-repeated piece of wisdom is as true in life as it is in how much thought we put into our diets.

When we plan ahead what it is we'll eat throughout our day, the pros far outweigh the cons. Careful consideration means we aren't overeating, we're spending far less and that our breakfasts, lunches and dinners will be well rounded and nutritious.

Consider the following when it comes to preparing meals for your family:

  • Grocery lists are great! Knowing what you need before you arrive at the supermarket means less impulsive buying.
  • Stay seasonally minded. Try and buy what's turning up most in your produce section. It'll cost you far less.
  • Double your greens. When it comes to your plate, keep this in mind: cover half with veggies, a quarter with protein and another quarter with grains.
  • Variety is the true spice of life. Mix things up, and often. No menu needs to be set in stone. Always be trying something new!

In short: planning ahead serves us in so many more ways than one. Your kitchen can be filled with new adventures if you'll allow for it. Enjoy the delicious journey!

George Ramirez
- May 20, 2016 -

There isn't anything that the Home Team loves more than hearing how the New Earth products and opportunity have helped to transform your lives. Last year we were lucky enough to meet George Ramirez after he tried the Edge products. At just 19 George is making great strides as an athlete. He is the youngest first place holder nationally for running Spartan's Optical Races. He is continuing to achieve success and recently won first place in his age group in the last race that he competed in.

I am the youngest person to ever win first place nationally for running a Spartan optical race. I have been a type 1 diabetic since the age of three, but I haven't let that stop me from becoming a top athlete. In fact, I aspire to compete at an Olympic level one day.

As a certified personal trainer, I like helping people to both get in shape and stay healthy on a regular basis. Personally, I run marathons and races. I really love the competition and level of athleticism it takes to win first place. That's what drives me.

Being part of New Earth is a blessing. It allows me to perform at an elite level, both when I am training for a competition and on a daily basis. It has helped those I come in contact with realize a couple of very important things: 1) you don't have to fill your body with chemicals to be healthy and 2) supplementing naturally is always the best way to go.

We celebrate the Earth every day
- April 22, 2016 -

As a company, we can't overemphasize just much we care about our planet. While Earth Day has been set aside as a time for us to remember this wonderful world we live in, we work hard every single day to improve on the conditions that surround us. We simply wouldn't exist without a healthy environment. We're constantly looking for ways to improve what we can do to ensure its future.

"A healthy environment is important to New Earth on a personal and a professional level," President Jerry Anderson said. "Clean air and water are essentials for healthy living. Our children and children's children deserve to inherit a home we have taken care of."

To that end, here are some of the things New Earth does to help ensure a bright and thriving future:

  • All of our product packaging is comprised of 100% recyclable materials.
  • Storing containers used for algae inventory are recyclable.
  • New LED lighting has been installed at New Earth headquarters.
  • Recycle bins are located throughout headquarters to encourage reuse.
  • We adhere to the highest environmental standards when harvesting and processing.
  • The use of renewable energy is utilized whenever possible.

"We believe we are stewards of this specific environment in the Pacific Northwest and the entire planet generally. Our core ingredients come from whole food natural sources that thrive in the wild," CEO Bilal Ruknuddeen said. "Keeping the wilderness thriving is central to our business survival and inherent in our mission and vision."

"New Earth is focused on legacy. We believe in the mission of creating a sustainable legacy that carries on into our future generations."

"We hope you'll take a moment to personally reflect on all this world has given and all it will continue to give. It's up to every one of us to take part in ensuring our planet's longevity.

Digging in the dirt: the benefits of gardening
- April 8, 2016 -

As our weather shifts across the United States, our thoughts inevitably turn to gardening. After all, the fruits and vegetables we grow in our own back yards are about the most fresh and nutritious we can get our hands on. But those are hardly the only advantages. In fact, there is a wide range of benefits to consider when it comes to gardening.

  • Less pesticides and fertilizers on our foods
  • Less money spent at the supermarket
  • Less food waste (less food thrown out)
  • Exercise can lead to reduced stress and lower cholesterol
  • An increased sense of awareness and greater sense of pride
  • An added opportunity to "go green"

At New Earth, we encourage you to spend more time in your gardens this spring and summer. Digging in the dirt and seeing what food you are capable of growing is a wonderful, even fulfilling experience. You will be able to add to the meals you create in your home and create all new memories with your families and loved ones.

Going green: a new reason for the season
- March 17, 2016 -

St. Patrick's Day doesn't have to be just about leprechauns and four leaf clovers this year. Try choosing the day as a starting off point towards living a greener way of life.

When we adopt an attitude of going ÒgreenÓ throughout the year, we choose to do things that enrich everything else we normally do. It's just a matter of being more conscious and sustainable. We start to recycle on a more regular basis. We can generate our own power and gravitate towards using renewable energy. We start to live more simply in all the ways we're able to, taking a minimalist approach towards our future versus a complex and cluttered one. And we do all of this as a way of extending our love and respect for the environment.

Another way to go green is adding more green vegetables into our diet. When our meals are made up of organic ingredients, not only do they taste better, they're better for us. It's a way of extending our very lives. This can include eating more leafy greens like spinach and kale to using anything in New Earth's long line of algae-based whole food products, available

Don't just wear green for a day. Go green for a lifetime.

A healthier lifestyle means lifelong results
- March 7, 2016 -

The healthier our eating habits get, the more results we'll notice in our overall wellbeing. The good thing is, you don't have to reinvent the wheel in order to get there. In fact, eating healthier can be as easy as following a few simple guidelines at the grocery store.

When you're shopping, make a point of buying fresh produce (greens like spinach and kale) instead of canned goods. Choose whole grains and avoid sweetened drinks; drink water and seltzer instead. Grow your own herbs. Don't skip out on a healthy breakfast. And, whatever you choose to put on your plate, do so in smaller portions.

Over time, you'll notice gradual improvements in your body. You'll combat problems like heart disease, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes. As you make changes in your eating habits—looking at how you eat as a permanent lifestyle rather than a temporary diet—you'll do far more than just feel better. You'll better maintain a healthy weight. You'll be in a better place, both mentally and physically.

Interested in adding even more healthy habits into your life? Consider New Earth and all the many natural food supplements and products the company provides. Visit New Earth today and start down a path towards a brand new you.

Find Your Why At Events
- February 12, 2016 -

Author Robert Kiyosaki suggests network marketing is an industry designed for people who want to change their lives. And that makes a world of sense.

Most network marketing companies offer personal development training as well as the nuts and bolts of what it really takes to build a business. When does it happen? For the most part, at the regular events a company conducts.

At an event, you're allowed to see, do and experience so much. You meet the leaders of your company face to face, both the ones who started your company and those helping make waves in it. You hear inspiring speeches. You pick up on the latest news and trends and products. And you get to be part of workshops where you can better hone your networking skills and learn new ones.

You end up realigned, refocused and recharged. You believe more in your business and company. What's more, you grow. Leaders are born at events.

Should you go attend events? The short answer is yes. Above all, you'll remember, over and over again, why you chose to get involved in the first place.

To find out more about upcoming New Earth events visit

"Thank You" is good for you
- December 7, 2015 -

As a company, we consider making you feel better one of our most important priorities. It's why we promote products made up of the greatest natural ingredients our world has to offer. But there's another way to feel good, too, an additional way to add to the supplemental way of living. In short, gratitude will help you feel better.

When we seek to practice gratitude, we recognize those things happening that are largely beyond our control. And we can do this any number of ways, whether it's writing regular thank you notes, taking time to count blessings, meditating or even praying. Studies have shown that actively cultivating gratefulness in your life may mean you end up exercising more and visiting your doctor less.

It may be out of fashion to promote gratitude these several days after Thanksgiving, but at New Earth, we consider thankfulness a habit we can (and should!) develop all year long. As we move into the holidays, let's consider the beauty that accompanies giving. Let's remember to acknowledge all the good our lives—and those many other lives we come in contact with—have to offer.

Give more
- November 19, 2015 -

At New Earth, we truly love to give. Over the years, we've been allowed that opportunity in a wide variety of ways. Our various Give projects and initiatives have served to help undernourished children, adults and animals all over the world.

Now we've got even more ways to give. We're offering two completely new ways to help the less fortunate. You can donate to one of the following initiatives using either cash or New Earth products:

  • Dr. Theresa Kohen Foundation
  • Gentle Barn
  • Klamath Crisis Center
  • Only A Child
  • Wild Animal Sanctuary
Place a single order or choose our Autoship option and a receipt will be sent at year's end (for tax purposes). You may choose which charity your donation goes to or let us do it—we'll pick the one most in need.

We urge you to take advantage of these new opportunities. Remember, it was Winston Churchill who said "We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."

For questions on this latest development, give us a call.

Let's go to Catalina
- November 6, 2015 -

New Earth is awarding someone an all-expenses-paid vacation to Catalina in 2016...and it might as well be you.

Think about it. At New Earth, we're huge fans of the great natural resources our planet provides. And when you visit Catalina, you're visiting one of the most diverse ecological wonderlands in the nation!

You can expect to be wowed by over fifty species of birds, many you've probably never seen before, ones that will send you scrambling for your guide. There will be butterflies and sea lions and salamanders. You'll see flowers and plants specific to the exact region you're in, more than 600 different kinds in all! If we've done our homework right, it'll be unlike anything you've quite seen or done before.

On top of that, you'll ride a helicopter over the sea. You'll see whales in their natural habitat. You'll wander around beaches, enjoy spa treatments and wonder how you'd never happened upon such a beautiful place before. You might not want to leave. Who in their right minds would want to check out of paradise?

So there you have it. It'll take your breath away, you'll have a smile you won't quite be able to rid yourself of and you'll have stories to share for the months and years to come.

Do you want to be our big winner? We can't help but hope so.

For contest guidelines, click HERE.

Green Tea + New Earth = The Best of Both Worlds
- September 8, 2015 -

Adding green tea to your diet isn't just a good idea, it's a great one. And if you know anything about green tea already, you might know it can help with hydration. It can also boost how long you're able to exercise. Drinking green tea can even help reduce the risk of heart attack.

Did you know green tea might even help prevent neurological disease? When it comes to keeping your brain healthy, there are a lot of factors to consider. The polyphenols in green tea, however, may actually help maintain the parts of the brain that assist in learning and memory. In that sense, it amounts to a unique sort of brain food.

It's just one of the reasons we included green tea extract in New Earth's Project: Mazama liquid shot; it's one of several beneficial ingredients. We've taken extra special care to make sure you receive the most natural product possible. When you try our liquid shot, you can be certain you're getting undiluted nutrition directly from the best resource available to us: the earth.

Interested in learning more about Project: Mazama and New Earth's upcoming liquid shot? It releases later this fall! Click HERE or follow us on Twitter at

At New Earth, We Believe in Apples.
- September 1, 2015 -

That often heard expression "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" actually comes with some fast facts attached.

Not only are apples a significant source of integral nutrients—packed with fiber, B vitamins, vitamin C, iron and potassium—they're a natural source of energy too.

Apples have carbs, used to fuel our bodies. Because they're high in fiber (about 5 grams for a medium-sized apple), sugar is absorbed slowly, helping provide you with a steady—and largely necessary—stream of energy.

Here's something else: New Earth's Project: Mazama liquid shot includes natural apple sweetener in its list of beneficial ingredients. That way, you know you're receiving the most natural energy available to you. You're getting it directly from the earth.

Interested in learning more about Project: Mazama and New Earth's upcoming liquid shot? Click here or follow us on Twitter at

Klamath Falls To Lead Oregon in Healthy Lifestyle Initiative
- August 18, 2015 -

Here's some good news happening in our own backyard (literally!): Klamath Falls has been chosen to lead the entire state of Oregon in a new health initiative.

The Blue Zones Project is a community well-being improvement initiative designed to make healthy choices easier through permanent changes to environment, policy, and social networks. It's based on studies of communities around the world where residents have regularly lived beyond the age of 100.

The thinking behind a Blue Zone is to make healthy choices easier to make in five areas: purpose, social, financial, community and physical. And at New Earth, being healthy is at the forefront of all we do; we regularly help increase the health and wealth well being in our own community and beyond. In that respect, we like to consider ourselves ahead of the curve.

To learn more about this exciting development HERE and HERE

The natural booster
- June 26, 2015 -

We could all do with a little less stress in our lives. When it comes to regular exercise and the wear-and-tear we tend to put our bodies through, we could stand to use a natural boost. Did you know New Earth's Rebound allows for cardiovascular and joint support? Its plant-based proteolytic enzymes and wild microalgae help break down excess fibrin in your circulatory system and connective tissue. This means an influx of nutrients and oxygen-rich blood.

Fast facts:
-Proteolytic enzymes help break down fibrin, which hold cells together when clotting. Removing fibrin helps support blood flow.
-Enzymes build, maintain and repair every single cell in the body.
-Enzymes can help break down rogue proteins in your bloodstream.

So don't sweat the small stuff. Learn more and try it.

Staying motivated while working from home
- May 15, 2015 -

For many who work a 9-5 schedule in an office, it's the end goal: working from home. And why shouldn't it be? Working from home means a long string of advantages, things like your setting own hours, deciding what it is you're worth, even choosing not to set an alarm in the morning.

That said, while many will say working from home is worth it, it's not always easy. The biggest obstacle to overcome is largely the same: motivation.

There are ways to combat the days you're feeling sluggish, however. If you're having a hard time, here are some easy things to keep in mind. Setting manageable goals for yourself (daily and weekly) works wonders. So does creating and following a schedule, actually getting dressed for work and even switching up your cozy home for a coffeehouse now and again.

And if you're a New Earth Associate who works from home (or are aspiring to be one), the company offers plenty of options to help you along the way.

Their regular Boot Camp calls are in place to help motivate you in the right direction. There's a step-by-step business plan in place for those sharing New Earth's products. The company has a wealth of training videos to learn from. There's even an online office that includes all the business and marketing tools you'll ever need to start and continue properly down the path you create.

For Associates in need of more business tips:

For those interested in signing up with New Earth:

Top Superfoods and Remedies
- May 5, 2015 -

Superfoods are called "super" for very good reasons: the foods are rich in nutrients and especially beneficial for our health and wellbeing. Sometimes referred to as "nutrient powerhouses," you can expect superfoods to have a wide array of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals contained in them. The long and short of it is, adding more of these to your daily lifestyle reap huge healthy returns.

Some of the top recognized superfoods—along with their benefits—include:

Mushrooms: contain zinc, fiber, selenium, potassium, and phytochemicals
Algae: very high in vegetable protein and easily-absorbed nutrients
Kale: high in fiber, vitamins A & C, calcium and rich in antioxidants
Turmeric: enhances mood; contains curcumin, which may increase seratonin
Coconut Oil: contains triglycerides to help boost metabolism
Apples: fiber and polyphenols help decrease "bad" cholesterol
Chia seeds: a single ounce = nearly 5 grams of protein; great source of fiber
Ginger: relieves nausea, aids in digestion
Fennel: rich in vitamin C and potassium, which fights high blood pressure
Green Tea: polyphenols increase metabolism; regulates glucose levels
Blueberries: anti-aging effects; low in calories and high in fiber
Garlic: rich in antioxidants, helping combat the common cold
Avocados: great source of monunsaturated fats (or the "good" fat) and energy
Vinegar: benefits digestion; high in acetic acid, increasing calcium absorption

At New Earth, we're proud to say we feature over half of these top superfoods in the products we create and promote. To learn more about New Earth's products—and the superfoods we use in them—visit Why Science Matters and

The choice is yours
- April 21, 2015 -

Eating products that use all-natural or organic ingredients is not just a good idea: in fact, it's considered better for you. Doing so regularly may even allow you to reach your health goals quicker than you might otherwise.

But let's back up a step. The term "organic" refers to how agricultural products are both grown and produced. To be considered so, products must not have been produced with things like antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, high fructose corn syrup and artificial dyes and sweeteners.

Advocates usually consider organic foods safer (as in less exposure to pesticides), more nutritious, and even better tasting than fruits and vegetables that are not.

At New Earth, we're proud of the fact we offer products that are certified organic. To add to that, we use wholly organic ingredients whenever we can, ingredients that include our organic microalgae.

Your continued health is our top priority. Why not make it yours, too?

To learn more about New Earth's organic microalgae visit:

Get Proactive About Being Active
- April 14, 2015 -

It's not always easy to stay active. First, we have to get over the hurdle of deciding to exercise in the first place. Second, we have to discover what works best for ourselves, whether it means 30 minutes of walking per day or signing up for a gym membership.

Take this under careful consideration, too: It's important for us to consider all aspects of our active lifestyle. What we do is equally as important as what we eat. Each goes hand-in-hand.

Here's some good news to go along with that. New Earth allows you to both maintain a healthy diet and increase your physical health at the same time.

When you use any of the several products in its Edge line, you're not just adding the many nutrients your body needs and craves. You're also promoting a faster recovery time after workouts, helping decrease soreness and build muscle more efficiently.

In essence, when you choose New Earth, you're making a conscious decision to live a healthier, more rewarding life overall. And that's a goal worth constantly striving for.

Learn more at:

Choose the cleaner way
- April 7, 2015 -

When you choose to incorporate natural products into your daily lifestyle, you're making a conscious decision to be healthy. But did you realize you could take things a little further? When you use natural non-chemical cleaners throughout your home, you're committing yourself to a cleaner, more refreshing atmosphere. You're extending your commitment to health as well.

When you use chemical-laden cleaners, you risk creating toxic fumes and may even promote growth of bacteria resistant to antibacterial drugs. Switching them out for gentle, everyday household products allows you a more eco-friendly home. Sometimes it's as basic as using things like vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide to get the job done.

Natural and non-toxic cleaners aren't just better for you and those you live with; they can help save you money and protect the environment at the same time. Make your own products and you're a part of reducing the release of chemicals that can contribute to air and water pollution.

When you need natural products for your body, choose New Earth. And when it comes to natural cleaners in your home, choose the most natural products you can get hold of. In the end, you'll prolong you life É and make life better for others, too.

More Fiber, More better
- March 30, 2015 -

A high-fiber diet can mean a reduced health risk, especially when it comes to stroke, hypertension and heart disease.

What's a proper amount of fiber, though? Good question. The recommended daily allowance usually falls somewhere between 25-30 grams. And getting the right amount of fiber would require eating about 15 slices of whole wheat bread per day.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of natural sources to utilize.

Some top choices include:

  • Beans (lentils, black)
  • Whole grains (whole wheat bread, pasta)
  • Brown rice
  • Popcorn
  • Nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts)
  • Baked potato with skin
  • Berries (raspberries, blackberries)
  • Bran cereal
  • Oatmeal
  • Vegetables (artichokes, broccoli)

New Earth allows you take things a step further. In fact, when you pair the recommended daily allowance of these top fiber sources with New Earth's Probiotics, you will actually maximize your digestive and intestinal support.

Probiotics are considered "good" bacteria and live naturally in the gut. When properly fed or supplemented, they're allowed to grow, thrive and even balance bacteria there while supporting overall health.

Learn more about New Earth's Probiotics (Acidophilus, Bifidus and Spectrabiotic) by visiting

Heart to Heart
- March 18, 2015 -

American Heart Month is over, but we could all stand to treat ourselves a little better year-round. More specifically, we should aim towards healthier hearts. And the better we treat our hearts—striving towards a balanced diet and proper supplementation—the better off we ultimately are. When you make a daily habit of adding New Earth's Energize to your lifestyle, you're adding CoQ10 to your system as well. That means you're stimulating cellular energy throughout your body. You're also enhancing your physical performance and what your body is able to handle. Essentially, you're giving your heart a boost. And that's a good thing.

Fast facts:

  • A CoQ10 supplement can help increase your antioxidant levels and protect your cells from free radical damage.
  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women.
  • Energize is designed to promote a healthy heart and strong cardiovascular system.

Give your heart a new start.

Learn more:
Try it:

Law of the Harvest
- February 12, 2015 -

The process of harvesting, collecting and preserving the unique wild microalgae New Earth uses in its many products can be a sometimes confusing process, but it needn't be. In fact, all things considered, it's relatively simple. From the time the algae is gathered in Oregon's Klamath Lake to when it is frozen and stored, the special techniques in place allow the company to capture and preserve the many nutrients found within the algae in just a few hours' time. This ensures when you choose New Earth you can expect high quality in every product, every single time.

Fast Facts:

  • Klamath Lake is technically a river, as water constantly flows in and out of it.
  • Crater Lake is often called the "Mother Ship" for Klamath's watershed because the groundwater begins there. It's the deepest lake in the nation and one of the purest in the world.
  • The Klamath Basin—where Wild Microalgae is collected—sits on the Pacific Flyway and the Pacific Ring of Fire.

New Earth's quality is unmatched. Discover more here.

Learn more here.