Scott Singleton

Scott Singleton
Bronze 1
Baltimore, MD

Compensation Plan

When you reward the right behaviors, you create unstoppable growth and you don't need to be a math wiz to stay on track. Your private Online Office shows you exactly how close you are to each bonus and exactly what you need to do to get there.

Our formula for greatness: life-changing products, the best plan and tools we know of, and people driven by your success.
Compensation Plan


A Balanced Plan for Sustainable Growth

To create the New Earth Business Plan, we called on the experience and insight of the top experts in network marketing compensation. We told them we wanted a plan that was powerful, balanced, and sustainable. They gave us exactly that: a lucrative and intelligent plan that rewards the right behaviors.

Fast Start Bonus

One of the most important things a good plan can do is reward new team members right away—immediate rewards translate into better retention and stronger momentum. That's what this bonus does. It's designed for one purpose: to put cash in your hands right away and do the same thing for your team.


The CustomerLink programs compensate you generously for your time and effort. They provide a growing long-term income from customers of other Associates on your team, too. Earn 20-25% on people you link to New Earth through your website as retail or preferred customers—and earn additional bonuses on five additional levels of preferred customers.


The 3D bonus program is built on one of the strongest features of the compensation plan because it rewards a simple and duplicatable behavior—build with AutoShip! Earn up to $500 per month with the 3D bonus!

Nine-Tiered Unilevel Career Plan

The heart of the New Earth plan, our nine-tiered, dynamically compressed unilevel is what builds long-term residual income, income that can last a lifetime. It provides a pathway to earning compensation for volume very deep in an organization, where they tend to grow to their largest.

Leadership Bonus Pools

At the Gold and Platinum levels, New Earth leaders share in quarterly Leadership Bonus Pools comprised of 4% of all product sales worldwide. And New Earth offers inspiring incentive trips to beautiful environments and extraordinary ecosystems around the globe. We look forward to celebrating you and your team's success with you in some of the world's most exotic locations!